Young Adult learns new habits and drops extra weight

Submitted by: Dorothy Hall

K.'s Success Story

K. started working out with me when he was 14 years old. He had become quite chubby up to this point, in part because of emotions over his parent's divorce when he was 9. He hated how he felt and looked, and the pain of not being able to keep up with his peers in P.E. class.

I started him out with basic stretching, foam rolling, and then moved into balance and corrective alignment to help him outgrow pronation at the knees.
We started out with small weights used in comprehensive, compound moves to keep his heart rate up and help bring more coordination to his movements.

Over time we increased the weight and reps as he strengthened and then added in plyometrics and agility training which he loved. We ended each session with 30 mins on the treadmill. After 6 months he was able to increase his time on the treadmill, alternating jogging and running, and he had dropped over 20 lbs.

K. continues to maintain workouts on his own as he turns 19, having learned new, healthier habits than he had learned in his youth!


K. Before


K. After