Working out to improve posture

Submitted by: Stacy Rae Mednick

Karen's Success Story

Karen started training with me a year ago and she has had amazing results. One of her goals was to improve her posture so she could have less upper back pain. Well a little over a year later she has done just that. Karen is a new grandma so I wanted to help her build strength in her biceps to help hold the baby and the diaper bag. She now has shapely biceps and is a proud new grandma.

Hi Stacy Rae, here is my Mother's Day comparison - 2011 vs 2012. I had my annual blood test done and here is more good news:

Total cholesterol down 9
HDL up 7
LDL down 13
Triglyceride down 12
Glucose down 7

Thanks for your guidance.



Karen Before


Karen After