Won't take osteoporosis lying down

Client: Ruth

One year ago I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis, not willing to take life lying down but to take charge I made some lifestyle changes like eating and drinking more foods rich in calcium and conscientiously avoiding inflammatory foods. I have always been active, ate overall a healthy diet and kept my weight in check but having a flare up with my Rheumatoid Arthritis after an injury not only was I unable to walk for a while but had to take Prednisone, that among other things depletes the calcium in your bones and boom Osteoporosis! Good intentions just do not get the job done and knowing routine exercise and nutrition are vital for being healthy I sought help from an expert. When I decided to enlist Stacia in my quest for optimal health as a Personal Trainer I got more from her then I anticipated as she not only knows exercise, its effects on different muscle fibers in our bodies, how to build strong bones but also the relationship of involving good nutrition to build healthy bodies and bones. She is dedicated to give the best possible experience to her clients as she continues to expand her wealth of knowledge by regularly attending seminars in those areas that meet our needs. I feel privileged and fortunate to be able to work with Stacia who is thoughtful, considerate and has her client's best interest at heart. What I have noticed at a ripe age of 72 after one year of weekly individual training sessions with Stacia is that I can still reach the dishes up on the top shelf indicating my bones are not shrinking any more and this summer I was able to get up on one water ski (slalom) due to increased strength and something I could not do the past 2 years. Was personal training worth it? YES!!! And an added bonus is: Stacia has become a very dear friend as well, she has a heart of gold. I would recommend her and her services to anyone who has a desire to improve their health and fitness. She lives what she preaches and teaches. Thankful to have met Stacia and to have taken advantage of the opportunity. I feel my life has definitely been enriched. Warm Regards, Ruth Adams