Weight loss challenge

Submitted by: Stacy Rae Mednick

Carole Marshman's Success Story

Carole came to train with me years ago to get in shape and have more energy. She was referred to me by her sister-law and even though she had to travel far to see me once a week she made the drive. At the time I had asked her if she wanted to enter a weight loss challenge that company I was working with was having, she said, "Yes". Carole is glad she did because she ended up winning her age bracket and $10,000 dollars too! However, it wasn't all about the money she won, but the results that she got training with me. When she first started in 2000 her body-fat was 30.5%... when she entered the contest her body-fat dropped to 27%... a loss of 3% and on her that was great!!! Carole's body type is a MESOMORPH and she had a great amount of natural muscle already so that body-fat loss was amazing for her frame. Total girth measurements that were lost was 14 inches from when she started with me. Carole was one of my biggest success stories from that year in 2000. Even though it was a long time ago I know she is still working out and using all the tools she learned from me 11 years ago today! Go Carole, I am so proud of you!


Carole Marshman Before


Carole Marshman After