To The Next Level

Submitted by: Michael Clark

Brian, Edmonton, AB's Success Story

"I went to Mike wanting to take my fitness level to the next level. Before we did anything we talked about my current schedule, diet, and workout plan. Then he began to create a completely custom workout routine. He also suggested I take progress pictures every four weeks to see how my body changed.

It was remarkable how my body transformed from what I was to what I am now. The progress photos were a great way of seeing while my weight wasn't changing at certain points, I was getting much more muscle definition and looking better and better. He was there every step of the way giving me advice and adjusting the workout plan in order to reflect my changing schedule and progress.

Training with Mike also improved things that you can’t physically see like my blood pressure and cholesterol; both were “high normal” before training with Mike and then became lower than the normal values within 12 weeks. I am so happy I decided to get Mike as my trainer and it was well worth it."