Testing works! Improved base, lactate threshold and fat utilization

Submitted by: Jean Stegman

Jessica's Success Story

I am a 33 year old recreational road and mountain cyclist and was looking for ways to increase my speed. I’m not a racer, but I wanted to ride faster. I’m a bit of a numbers geek, and I was so excited to test with Jean. We conducted a resting test as well as a test on the bike. Using the numbers from the tests, Jean helped me come up with a training plan to get me ready for the 2012 Iron Horse in Durango, CO. Jean’s workout plan gave me focus and direction to increase my aerobic base and then to lift my lactate threshold numbers. Another goal was to increase my fat utilization during workouts. After three to four months, we retested to see if I had made any progress. My aerobic base and threshold numbers had increased and my fuel utilization was much improved. I was ecstatic! But more importantly, I was happy to see that I had made significant improvements in my speed and was even dropping my friends on group rides. I was climbing stronger and faster than I ever had before. Jean’s workout plan, based on the testing results, was key to the progress I made. Thanks, Jean!