Terry Andreone testimonial

Submitted by: Jeffrey Butler

's Success Story

"I have several medical conditions that need personal attention 24/7, including type 1 Diabetes, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Osteoarthritis, and Sciatica pain from a herniated-operated disc.... Most of my pain challenges are in the form of 1) knee pain (bone on bone medially) after many years of running long distances and playing tennis, so that I had been advised for bilateral knee replacements by one surgeon, and in the form of 2) right-sided sciatica pain from a herniated , then repaired lumbar disc. Whenever I first met Jeff, in the Wellness Room, he suggested that in working with him, we might be able to eliminate or greatly decrease my pain. I was skeptical.....Ok, so one year later. No knee pain, and if there is knee pain, then I know what to do to alleviate it, per Jeff's prescription. And my surgeon said he expects that I will never need knee surgery as long as my knees stay pain-free, strong, flexible, and stable. The way they are now. I cannot even explain how much more stable my knees feel every day and in every way. And my sciatica pain? Much, much less. There are days when I don't even have any pain. I credit Jeff Butler with helping me to achieve these monumental goals. Jeff is professional, thorough, and has researched everything that he has me do."
Teresa Andreone, MD, PhD