Sylvie's success story


MONDAY MOTIVATION. Shout out to Sylvie who lost 10 lbs in the last 3 month. Sylvie is the mom of two and a businessowner. She signed up in May and we started working out twice a week at her house, usually in the mornings before she goes to work. In September we added a third session to our routine. The workouts consist of a variation of HIIT, strength, cardio and yoga. When she signed up she pointed out that she gets easily bored and I try to keep the workouts fun and challenging. Furthermore we took a closer look at her diet and noticed that she needs to eat more during the day, that way she won't overeat in the evenings. Sylvie started mealprepping on Sundays and now brings her meals and snacks to work. In addition she joined weight watchers to help her with portion control. Her goal is to keep the weight off and to lose more after the holidays. I'm so impresssed by her determination. She has a very busy life and never missed a workout. Also, she has always been patient, knowing that permament weight loss takes time. She had a plan, put in the work and got the results. Yay!