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I have been through so much over the last two years. After switching jobs and being down in the dumps, I gained so much weight and lost so much confidence. I was really on a downward spiral. I remember when we first met for our free consult. You had all of this energy and I thought you were going to kill me. I could not have been more wrong. With each workout you gradually made the workout tougher, to the point where now I feel like I am in great shape. My self esteem is so much better now, and I feel great. No longer am I intimidated to take off my shirt at the beach, or to wear those form fitting dress shirts. I consider you not only my personal trainer, but my friend. By the way, I hate lunges....

Robert Gathers

Ellicott City, MD

My friend and I have been working out together as part of the "partner training" program. We weren't sure how it would work with two people training, but it has been so much fun. Our trainer is great, and we challenge each other and feed off each others energy. It's been such a wonderful experience. Our program is challenging, but the motivation that our trainer gives us has proven to be so valuable.

Vanessa Latorge

Annandale, Virginia

My trainer is literally whipping my behind into shape which is exactly what I need. We started off slow and progressive, but now I am training at an intensity that I never imagined I could do. My workouts have been tailored to me since day 1, and my results have blown my mind. Having an appointment based program is just what I needed to get myself going. Definitely a great investment that I look forward to continuing in the future.

Dee Faber

Alexandria, VA

Every Body's Personal Trainer,

As a business executive, I don't have a lot of time to workout. My schedule is always in flux, and my free time is extremely scarce unfortunately. Nonetheless, I knew I needed to somehow find a way to get my workouts in. My stress levels have always been extremely high, and I knew that with my blood pressure and weight, I was a ticking time bomb. Your in-home personal training service has been extremely valuable to me. You have met the demands of my schedule, which is an extremely tough task. For the first time in my life, I am working out on a consistent basis, and I am noticing the results. Thank you for getting me back into shape. I am so much more efficient at work, and my energy levels have really improved. I look forward to purchasing more sessions and continuing with my progress. I never knew I could get such great workouts at home.

Michael J. Rawlings

Arlington, VA

I feel that as I have gotten older, my energy level and desire have diminished some. I needed to spark myself, and get my energy level back up so I can enjoy my day to day activities more than I have been. I decided that I needed to start by getting healthy. Eating better, and exercising to boost my sense of being. I decided a trainer could help get me going and it has worked. I know that this is the best path and am very thankful.

I finally got off my behind and gave you guys a call, and I am so glad I did. I was so sick and tired of feeling tired, and unhealthy. I needed to get moving again, but didn't want to waste my time doing the wrong things. I needed a trainer to get me going again, and to create some momentum. Wow, what a change! I feel so much better and healthier. Thanks for your time and patience.

Elise Leadone

Fairfax, VA

With football season, I wanted my little guy to put on some weight. I new with my busy schedule unfortunately, I wouldn't really be able to help. So I called these guys, and it's been great! My little guy put on a good amount of muscle without losing speed and quickness. I can't wait to see how the extra muscle and strength helps him on the field. What a difference, thanks so much.

Ryan Bonan
Rockville, MD


As of 3 weeks ago, I was down to 170 which was 10 lbs lost. I have a feeling I've lost at least 5 more...I'll let you know. But, the biggest change are the inches and clothes sizes I've dropped...and I have muscles now!

Here are my stats and how many I've lost since we started on 7/7:
bust area 38" -- lost 3.5"
bicep 12 -- lost 1"
waist 32" -- lost 6"
hips 41" -- lost 6"
thigh 23.5" -- lost 3.5"
calf 15" -- same but lots harder! :)

I have given all of my size 14s to Goodwill and some of my 12s. I am starting to fit into size 10s!!! have a bunch of old clothes I was hanging onto and am wearing them again! I think my wedding dress will actually fit! :)

Eric, regardless if I win the body transformation contest or not, I cannot thank you AND ADAM enough...I feel so much better and I look so much better!!! I have energy I never knew I had and am really proud of myself for doing this for me and my good health. I will be a much more confident bride now. I have 1 more month and hope to continue the hard work.

Thanks again

Lisa W., Columbia, Maryland

Hi Eric,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing me to Sean. He is amazing. He is literally kicking my ass into shape. I feel much better and feel like results are slowly but surely coming. He is very motivated and knowledgeable. As a teacher, I completely understand the need to communicate and make sure your students understand what is being asked of them and why. Sean is very adapt at doing this. It is a very impressive attribute.
Today was one of the hardest workouts I have endured in a long time. Totally worth it. Good call, Sean is a very good match for me. Thank you again.


Brendan S

Bethesda, Maryland

I just wanted to say Hi! and, let you know, what a fantastic job Beth is doing! I had a 2 week break cause I fell on my head (6 staples), and today is my first day back, but I am loving it, and am very excited about the future. Beth is so knowledgeable about the nutrition, and has helped me to get on track with my eating, by keeping a daily calorie count, increasing the amount of protein, fruits and vegetables, and decreasing the sweets. She is so familiar with and dedicated to the training program, and is helping me to learn how to do each exercise/stretch with the proper form. She is such a lovely lady, and is so personable, that this is a win-win situation for me! Thank you so much for recommending her; you were right on target with her skills and abilities matching the professional help I need. This is the first time, since 2003, that I have been able to do training instead of physical therapy. I can’t begin to tell you what a joy this is for me! My husband, Scott, also started training with Beth, and we both feel very blessed to be able to do this. Thank you for starting this business, and for making it so convenient for Beth to come to our home. We both wish you much success!

Best Wishes,

Kay & Scott

eric leader

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