Success at my age!

Submitted by: Thomas Yellow Eyes

Sharon's Success Story

I have always been physically active but I am now 65 years old and attempting to combat the aches and pains of older age. I have had the pleasure of working with Master Trainer Thomas Yellow Eyes for the past several weeks. When I took advantage of the free thirty minute training session the club offered, I was aligned with Thomas. Going into the free training, I had no intention of purchasing training. Not only could I not afford it, but I didn't realize the extent of what a good trainer could do for me. Thomas changed my thinking in that thirty minutes, and I became his client.

In working with Thomas these past several weeks, the transformation in my muscle tone, physical shape, and pain management has been phenomenal. My message therapist is overwhelmed with my improved muscle tone and is now planning to utilize Thomas' services for herself.

I am a message therapist as well, and I do know the body. My first thirty minutes with Thomas assured me that he does, as well. Thomas' expertise and knowledge of the muscularskeletal system is impressive. Not only is he attuned to the individual client, he is knowingly creative in his training programs. I have scoleosis, rheumatoid arthritis, herniated discs and fibromyalgia. My pain has significantly diminished with my "new body".

Thomas is the ultimate professional. While he can be very tough, he is carefully so. Also, having been a Risk Manager in my prior career, I am quite impressed with his attention to safety, both with his clients' stability and with the machines and weights. Thomas represents your club very well, with his business saavy as well as his training expertise. I can recommend him to all ages, sizes, and personalities.


Sharon After