Submitted by: Shane McLean

Robbie Bagby's Success Story

Robbie Bagby MS, CSCS, Pn1

April 2017

I have been friends and colleagues with Shane for more than six years; however, for the last year, he has programmed my personal strength workouts and has helped me become significantly stronger and more resilient.

When we first started, my main goal was boosting my deadlift numbers, but I have seen my overall strength increase because of his expertise.

Not unlike other active individuals, I have also struggled with various injuries over the past year. Within a day of telling Shane of the new issue, my program was adjusted to work around this new injury.

In addition, Shane almost always follows up the previous day’s session with a text to see how it went. This quality is something that keeps me engaged.

Furthermore, Shane is always learning and growing as a good fitness professional should so that his clients can further benefit from his programming. I appreciate all the knowledge and courtesy he has shared with me.