“About two years ago, I lost 47 pounds from sensible eating and exercise plan, and I have maintained my exercise regimen since then. However, in the summer of 2003, I slacked off in my diet, and as a result, gained 20 of those pounds back. During the process of losing the weight I reached a plateau where I was not seeing the results I desired. In addition to that, I consider my body “pear shaped”, so I wanted to make my upper body more proportioned with my lower body. I met Harold through a mutual friend and signed up as client for personal training. After working with Harold, I learned that I was not using proper form when performing weight bearing exercises, and that the amount of weight I was using was not challenging enough to get the results I was looking for. He also helped with my flexibility and my balance, which was an added bonus. After working with Harold, along with his continued guidance while performing exercises on my own, I lost 10 pounds and inches in my arms, waist, hips and thighs. I also developed my upper body, so now I look more proportioned. I felt very comfortable working with Harold. He was very thorough in explaining and demonstrating the exercises so I could achieve my goals and perform them properly so there would be no injury. It was a pleasure working with Harold and I highly recommend him as a personal trainer.”