Strength, Endurance, Recovery and FRIENDSHIP

Submitted by: Cheryl McDermott

Bernadette's Success Story

Bernadette has always been physically active. However, in recent years, due to age and menopause she found her cholesterol and high blood pressure rising. In addition to a numbers of years of misdiagnosed severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (“CPS”), had lost much of the strength in her upper arms and had considerable trouble holding onto weights, as well as, little things. After finding out that her CPS could be released, she had the surgery in both hands, at separate times, and started the long hard road to strength, endurance and recovery.

What I’ve learned:
*No matter how “mature” you are is not a reason to stop or even slow down exercise or activity levels
*You can recover from serious setbacks. Cholesterol and high blood pressure levels can be reduced by diet and exercise.
*I can “step outside of the box” by trying small group and personal training to help set realistic and exciting goals
*Most assuredly, support from my “workout buddies/friends” as well as my trainer is key in sticking to it all!!!

Most helpful elements of Personal Training:

Cheryl McDermott is a personal trainer and a friend. She sees my potential and knows how to challenge me and encourage me.