She made me believe in ME

Submitted by: Robin Marion

Natasha's Success Story

"What I appreciate and admire most about Robin Marion, owner of Velvet & Steel Fitness, LLC, is her comprehensive lifestyle approach to fitness. Robin embraces the philosophy that physical fitness is about much more than cardio and strength training--she stresses the importance of an overall healthy lifestyle and provides me with tangible ways to achieve it. Robin maintains amazing currency in her field. Advancements in fitness happen every day. Robin makes it her business to stay on top of what's new or improved and then she uses it to complement tried and true approaches to helping me meet my goals. She's a walking database of information and knowledge! I dare you to try to stump her! Above all, Robin is an INCREDIBLE motivator. She told me that I could do a mud run, complete a duathlon (after not being on a bike for 25+ years) and run a marathon (26.2 miles!). I gave her the "side eye" each time.... but guess what? With hard work, a plan and tons of support and encouragement from Robin, I DID IT each time! Got some new goals on tap for 2014 and I know that with a trainer like Robin they are most definitely within reach! I'm with Velvet & Steel Fitness for life!"