She changed her life for good

Submitted by: Julie Wilske

Bee 's Success Story

My client, we will call her Bee for privacy purposes, had been quite heavy all of her life. She would take the elevator over the stairs at work on a daily basis. One day she called me and made an appointment for an evaluation and a plan. She was intimidated by the gym and looked forward to private training in my studio. She began weight training three days a week. She worked very hard and pushed herself. She started seeing results and surprisingly joined a gym to do cardiovascular training on her own time. We discussed nutrition and food choices and she changed her eating habits and calorie intake. In six months she dropped 50 pounds. Her doctor told her she could go off of her medications since her blood-work was looking so beautiful. Bee had worked so hard and gained amazing results all due to her dedication. She takes the stairs in place of elevators, and runs in races for fun. She took the pledge to change her quality of life, and she's so thankful she did. I'm so proud of you Bee!