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Setting Goals for Fitness Success!

Submitted by: Susan Iverson

Kaye's Success Story

Kaye Simonton started on a journey to fitness in her early 30's with a very achievable goal: to improve health and reduce stress. Fueled with a competitive nature and desire to unleash tension, racquet ball seemed to be the perfect sport. Although she didn't know much about racquet sports at the time, Kaye dedicated herself to daily court practices and competitive matches after work. A decade later, Kaye earned recognition as a National Racquet Ball Champion for Women Over 40, ranking 13th in the NATION as a competitor from the state of Colorado.

The next goal for Kay was to explore the great outdoors with hiking and running. Kaye has since hiked fifteen "14 teeners" and has ran the Boulder, Boulder five times!

Maintaining her passion for racquet sports, Kaye then turned her attention to a personal goals with tennis. Once again, regular practices and matches were the key to her success. Since retirement, Kaye and her husband Rich spend many, many hours on the court. They are currently ranked 3rd for ages 65 and older in the state of Colorado.

Is Kaye a natural athlete? One could venture to say "yes", however the road to that success didn't happen over night. Kaye set goals and continues to work very hard!

In addition to tennis drills, Kaye includes strength training on a regular basis. We have been training together since 2008. Kaye and Rich also participate in Tai Chi, Silver Cardio, Mixed Doubles and Golf. They are very active in church, volunteer their time with charities and maintain a positive attitude with life!

Her Advice - "Don't Stop Moving." "Always Set a Goal!"


Kaye Before


Kaye After