Retired Police Officer does Turkish Get-Ups at age 71

Submitted by: Mac Dodds

Jim's Success Story

This is some feedback I recieved from my client Jim. He is retired as a Police Captain, almost 38 years in the Air Force and Air Force Reserve, retired as a full Colonel.

I have been involved in sports and physical fitness for most of my life – both my police and military careers required a high level of fitness.

My biggest challenge is to keep a high level of interest and willingness to continue to exercise on a regular basis.

Since I began working out with Mac I have been introduced to a new variety and types of exercises that keep my interest level high so that I look forward to working out. Turkish Get-Ups included.

Our first session together was a pleasant experience. You asked about my physical condition and what limitations I had, and designed a program around them.

Thanks for sharing your experience working with me Jim!

- Mac