Retired City Administrator shares her experience with an established Personal Trainer

Submitted by: Mac Dodds

Arlene 's Success Story

This is a note I received from a current client.

Mac, When we first met it was clear to me that you were interested in helping me get fit in ways that worked for me. I had worked with other trainers who had preset routines. When those routines did not meet my expectations, they were not able or knowledgeable enough to redesign a work out program that worked for me. You have always done just that. If we do an exercise that isn’t clicking for me you are always quick to find an alternative. This is greatly appreciated. As another example of your ability to customize work out routines, when I broke my feet (luckily each at a different time) we were able to continue working out without missing time. This was due to your ability to accomplish workouts by using different routines as needed.

Your confidence, affability and insight into my needs immediately encouraged me. Before working with you my upper body and core strength were minimal.

I find you to be very knowledgeable and insightful of my needs and abilities. You are patient, encouraging and challenge me to always do my best. I appreciate your skills and your overall knowledge of your field.


Thank you Arlene for telling your story of working with me! You are a great client!


Arlene  Before