Retired Budget Analyst Overcomes Great Challenges

Submitted by: Mac Dodds

Nancy's Success Story

These are some questions and answers from an interview with an exeptional client of mine.

What was your health and fitness life like before you started working with me? Specifically, what challenges did you face?

a. My health was very weak and absolutely no fitness after being ill for 4 years with vertigo, menieres, complex migraines and unbalance. Using a cane I could walk on good days short distances and absolutely had lost all strength after losing 100 lbs due to illness.

Are there any specific numbers you remember or skills that you gained?

a. You taught me I can do strength training at home just standing at the wall or standing doing push-ups. I also started at walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes at 2mph and after 3 months I was walking for 30 minutes at 3 – 3.5mph and with incline. Loving going to the apartment gym daily.

Were you skeptical at first?

a.My son, who is a stuntman, came with me the first time and his endorsement made any reservation go away.

The first time we met for a consultation or training session, did you have a good experience?

a. It was a great experience and made me feel as if I was absolutely on the right track. You asked good questions and gave me confidence you would be by my side in case I fell or wasn’t well.

What was the immediate result you received from our first personal training session together? Please describe in actual terms.

a. I was able to continue the training for the 30 minutes and more importantly I felt like I could do the training with your help.

Thanks Nancy, for sharing your amazing story! You are a great client and I appreciate you!

- Mac