Reflexology Really Works

Submitted by: Dana Esposito

Bill's Success Story

I started going to Dana for reflexology about 6 years ago when I discovered I had diabetes. At the time, my feet were pretty numb to the touch and I was having frequent cramping and pain. Those had been the symptoms that first gave me an indication that I might have diabetes. I have seen Dana once a month since then and I feel much better.
I recently went to a new nurse practicioner at Johns Hopkins. She asked if I had any problems with my feet. I told her that I had some numbness but that it was much, much better and I didn't get cramping any more. She was very surprised and said that those symptoms don't normally improve, although they could stabilize. When I told her about the reflexology she said it must really be helpful. I didn't need a medical professional to confirm the improvements that I felt but it really did reinforce the benefits of reflexology.It really has made a big difference for me.