Recovering from childbirth through practicing yoga

Submitted by: Harold E. Rose, Jr.

Alison's Success Story

“I began my sessions with Harold after my second delivery of a child via a c-section. I had taken pre-natal yoga, and I wanted to increase my understanding of yoga postures and improve my flexibility. Harold not only helped me with my initial goals, but he was immensely helpful in explaining the impact of two surgeries on my abdominal muscles and helping me recover from my pregnancy and childbirth.

He put together a personal regimen to return strength to my core muscles. As a result, I was able to lose all my baby weight and increase my overall physical confidence. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. The benefits have been
multi-dimensional, too — because of the range of stretching Harold uses, I have less tension in my neck and shoulders, saving me both pain and money from periodic massages I used to need to soothe the ache. Harold also identified that my breathing techniques were limiting my ability to expend both my cardio and isometric exercises, and I am currently working to correct my technique so I can be more relaxed at rest and at play. Harold also advises me on nutrition and exercise, helping understand how to eat to have the best workout possible.

Harold is professional, punctual, and conscientious — he is always prepared, positive and easy to work with. His instruction is clear and his knowledge of yoga, martial arts, physiology, and other forms of exercise is vast.

My meeting up with Harold was the best thing I had done for myself in years. I would highly recommend him to anyone recovering from an injury or looking to improve their overall physical health, regardless of what level he or she is at.”