Music and dance are my favorite ways to express myself. I love to let myself go but I wish I was better at it. I saw Brie’s flyer and it really communicated to me that there was something authentic about this dance class. So I took the drive to The Belltower at 1430 North Garden Street and slipped through the large doors of the dance studio. I was late for warm-ups but the pose these ladies were in looked much cooler than warm-ups. The Kurtis Blow in the background added to the atmosphere and I felt very comfortable. Brie started the class with an introduction to the art form of popping, along with a bit of history, and then she showed us the first moves you learn. This is when that authentic experience I was looking for suddenly enveloped me and took me to the Bronx, circa 1980. The first move I learned was the “Fresno” and it’s something I suppose I’ve seen a lot of but never really understood it. I felt like I was given insight to the roots of hip hop dance and the world of breaking opened itself up to me for the first time. I worked as I hard as I could to understand the nuance in the tightening and releasing of tension in the different parts of my body. By the end of the class I looked like one bad-ass dancer and I felt really good about myself. I can’t wait for next week and you can bet I’ll be practicing at home. Lokeye