Post-Pregnancy Pilates POWER!

Submitted by: Victoria Popoff

Jennifer's Success Story

Jennifer came to me after gaining nearly 60 lbs. during her pregnancy. We did a full fitness assessment and found that reformer Pilates plus cardio training in her target heart rate zone would be the most beneficial for her goals.
Jennifer stayed consistent, even though weight loss was a hard journey. She continued training with me and I continuously challenged her.
Six months after starting, she had lost all her baby weight. One year later, after starting her Pilates regime, she walked down the runway in tiny black bikini for a fashion show. She wowed the audience when they saw her svelte new figure.
She has seen and felt the power of reformer Pilates so much that she quit her job, got certified for Pilates and now teaches full time as a Pilates instructor.


Jennifer Before


Jennifer After