Erica is the type of person who has that certain charisma that very few people have. The first time I met her, I was intimidated by her, but I knew she was unique and something special.That deep down that attractive, bad a&$ self of hers, is a down to earth, loving, caring person with a heart of gold.  Erica to me, is the definition of a beautiful, strong, independent woman. The first day I took her I.I.T. class, I thought I was not gonna make it to the end...literally! I always thought to myself, "I am never gonna make it, I cannot do this". Though hesitant, scared, and nervous; week after week I would go back and take her class fully aware that my butt would get kicked BIG TIME. I have been taking I.I.T for almost 2 years now, and I am PROUD to say that through Erica's encouragement and belief in me, I feel better, stronger, more confident about myself. I have achieved things that I never thought possible. She has taught me to not only love my body, but love myself as well. I have learned so much from Erica. She is the best motivator, and she knows how to encourage, and bring out the BEST in anyone. I am very fortunate to have someone like her in my life. She is indeed a blessing to me, and anyone who meets her or have known her. So THANK YOU, Erica..for being YOU! Continue to do what you're doing, because you have already helped and "porterized" so many of us in so many ways. XoXo -Angie