When I first became a licensed Zumba instructor in March 2010, I had never taken a Zumba class! With my background in dance, I thought: How hard can it be? Well, it was hard...but it was fun! I started a Zumba class in June at the IFCC...but I was so poor at the moves and so exhausted by the routines that I didn't charge for it. By the fall of 2010, my stamina had increased and I had more confidence and so I started selling dance cards: 20 classes for $30 and 10 classes for $20. The pricing remains the same to this day--all revenue goes to the IFCC, not to me. I'm still not happy with the way I do some of the Latin moves, but I just keep thinking "If I quit, I'll NEVER get better." On the other hand, I'm rather pleased with the African and Bollywood moves that I've learned. And I really pleased with the weight I've lost, the flexibility I've gained and my increased aerobic capacity. I tend to attract fitness enthusiasts that are my age or older, and it's gratifying to see the tremendous changes in their lives. I wish the younger folks would give me a chance--you don't have to dance "high impact" to get a good workout!