Hey y'all. For the past 4 years I was at a major loss in my life. Instead of relying on God, I started to rely on spending addictions and food addiction. In the year of 2013 I weighed in at 209lbs with 12 percent body fat. I was lean and cut. Faithful to Christ and gave him the Glory of my strength. Plus a truck driver. I was dedicated and definitely Not a fan but a follower. Then I let something get in my way, lust, greed, arrogance. Which led me down a dark path. I was married to a woman that was abusive, manipulative and a cheater. Then divorced. Two years later I God had blessed me in a wonderful marriage I'm in now with a very supportive wife. 3 amazing children. Even though I was happy with what I had I could not give her my best because I was unhappy with my body and my mind. I couldn't give my children my best or give God my best. Don't worry I'm not here to preach, however I'm here to proclaim truth about Mishell. Food became a God. I have a membership at Anytime fitness so I would go really not giving anything at all. Signed up for training classes and really wasn't committed. I wanted to change but wasn't motivated to. A friend of mine who was a trainer there said we have to do something you're progressing, however you need to start eating right. That is when I was introduced to Mishelle. This is the truth with Mishelle and why I shared my belief in God with you all. I'm not here to force my beliefs on anyone, this is my story and testimony I promise. Mishell and I met at Anytime Fitness in Radcliff Ky. I feel that God had brought her into my life to help with my lifestyle of change. From October 2018 through last week I weighed in at 262lbs the biggest I have ever been, and now as of 20 July 2019 I weigh in at 218 lbs. Trust Mishell, my wife is really supportive of this and so many has seen results. If it wasn't for God bringing Mishell into my life to help me change I would definitely still be eating horrible and spending way to much money. Months ago my wife looked at me and said you eat to much and eat pizza disgustingly and our 7 year old looked at me on Christmas and said Daddy your not supposed to have a belly. Mommy is supposed have a belly with a baby in it. Lol kids are funny and honest at the same time. Soon you will see total Transformation. In closing, if you live in or near Radcliff Ky. Stop in and see the folks at Anytime fitness. They are amazing and will help you out. Mishell I want to thank you for all your help. You truly are a God send. God bless you and everyone else here. Tony Polidori