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On the road to weight loss

Submitted by: Heike Yates

Keith's Success Story

I came to Heike through an internet search and then interviewing trainers over the phone. She sounded very knowledgeable, tough but fair. I did not want to waste her time and am very picky about who I wanted. I needed someone that would hold me accountable, push me, but also understand that it took decades to get to the shape I am in and it was not all going to get fixed overnight.

She gave me a new way of eating (not a diet), lots of exercises that I can do on my own, worked me extremely hard in our sessions, but let me also take a breather when I clearly needed it.

I lost 35 lbs. and felt the best I had in a great while.

Since I travel all the time, I don't train with Heike anymore (sad), but I am grateful for her time, attention, and for training me on how to take better care of myself for the long run. Thanks Heike!!!


Keith Before


Keith After