Case Study: My Dad

Submitted by: Tifany Lee

Gerald's Success Story

Gerald is my first student. He is also my dad. We have been working together for two weeks now, twice a week. He is an older student that is new to yoga and to fitness. He has high blood pressure, insomnia, and chronic pain in his lower back and left wrist. His goal in his yoga practice is to improve his overall health with a concentration on lowering his blood pressure. He is also following his doctor's recommendations in addition to our yoga privates.

We have been doing a hybrid SilverSneakers Yoga and Restorative practice with a focus on opening up his chest to help increase circulation to his heart. He reports that he has been more attentive to his posture throughout the day as a result of his new practice. His chiropractor recently noticed a marked improvement in his spine. His wife reports that his anxiety level is reduced since we started working together. I have seen a marked improvement in his mobility and flexibility in our poses at the two week mark.

The before image is cropped from a family photo that was taken a month or so ago when my sister and I visited. The second picture was taken covertly by his wife (Hi, Debbie!) so that we could capture his posture when he is not posing for the camera.


Gerald Before


Gerald After