Nutrition is the Key!

Submitted by: Cheryl McDermott

Deborah Fidrocki's Success Story

Deb Fidrocki is a local teacher and has been working with Cheryl McDermott and has lost 40 pounds!! Here's her story..."My weight had been creeping up for some time; my blood sugar level was higher than it should have been. So I finally decided to do something - I watched what I ate and exercised more. It worked; I lost 25 pounds. But I was also doing 45 minutes on the elliptical five days a week and I was afraid to eat anything as I didn't want to gain the weight back.

Then, for my birthday, my daughter gave me 5 sessions with a personal trainer. What she was thinking, I'm not sure, as I really am not a "gym person" but it was a nice gesture. I decided I would really listen to the trainer but if I didn't like it, I would just quit. My first trainer was Laury Hale. She pointed out that, while I had the habit of going to the gym, I was really making minimal use of the gym as I was only using the cardio and circuit machines. I agreed to try a class and go 3 times. I picked "Gentle Yoga" (nothing too strenuous) Amazingly enough, it was fine - I survived! So, then I decided to try a Head to Toe class and again, nothing bad happened. Coincidentally, my niece joined at about this time, and she always liked the classes. The next thing I knew, I was doing Tabata, Head to Toe, Pilates, TRX... Then Laury moved to the Dominican Republic and I needed a new trainer.

I decided to try working with Cheryl McDermott. I had taken Kettlebell small group training with her and I had seen her working with other members and I thought that I could work well with her. One of the first things that Cheryl and I started working on was being more dynamic and functional in my workouts. She also taught me to be more efficient with my time. I've actually dropped another 15 pounds since working with Cheryl, without trying. I also met with Alison Doak and made a few changes to my diet, actually eating more food while minimizing added sugar."

What I've learned:
There is a difference between being "not hungry" and being "full". I don't have to be full to be satisfied. And there is a lot of knowledge, support, and encouragement to be found at the club-from the trainers, to the desk staff, to fellow members. You have to be open to it.

Biggest challenges & how you overcame them:
Not everyone is supportive-and sometimes that was surprising. I had people tell me that I wasn't eating right, I looked tired, etc. I try to avoid the negativity and seek out positive people. It wasn't always easy to make time to exercise, eat right, work, socialize, etc., etc. I literally write down exercise classes, appointments with trainers, etc. on my calendar.

Most helpful element of training:
Having someone (Cheryl) who knows my goals and won't make excuses for me.

How I feel now:
I feel good. I know that I am strong and I know that I look good. I am more confident than I used to be.