Leigh tried her "First Class Free" in October of 2014 ... she returned to HG in September of 2015 and she took 18 classes that month: the 5:30 AM classes Mon/Wed/Fri and a class or two on most weekends. Leigh continues to CRUSH IT and here is how she is doing it - she signed up for "Fall into Healthy Habits" (the 3-month wellness workshop) and unlimited classes that will take her through to the end of the year. Leigh consistently comes to class and she always has a smile on her face! Leigh not only books her classes out, she SHOWS UP - she always works hard in class. Leigh works out with her friends so she is sure to GO and have FUN. Leigh mixes it up and tries different formats - that is exactly how you keep from getting bored and you keep seeing results. Leigh is focusing on her nutrition and making healthy choices, which means she gets the BIG picture - a healthy lifestyle is the goal. Every one of those details is VITAL and her commitment and dedication deserve recognition. This Client of the Month just happens to be a South Jersey Girl, which makes her UNSTOPPABLE! Leigh in her own words ... 1. What do you like about the classes you regularly take? "I love the workout that Kettlebell gives me - it gets my heart rate up and strengthens my core. Heather does an amazing job keeping each class interesting and me motivated. I've enjoyed the challenge that comes with the 5:30am Body Shred with Jen. The first time I took the class, my only goal was to not vomit. I'm challenging myself now to push through each phase of the high intensity workout. I also love Friday's 5:30am Tabata Class with Kim. The calorie burn from that class both during and after is incredible. Barre is unlike any other class I've taken and is helping me recover from a hip injury. It can be frustrating to have my limited hip mobility, but it's getting better little by little. No one judges in class, so I'm only competing against myself. I enjoy going to Pilates on Sunday, even though it's one of the more challenging classes I go to. Like Barre, Pilates hits those smaller muscles that I don't normally utilize in other workouts. 2. What is your typical weekly fitness routine? "My goal is to work out a minimum of 4x/wk. Ideally, I like to have at least 3 sessions of high intensity interval training. I really try to include Barre, Pilates, or Yoga to round out the cardio work, too." 3. What helps you to be consistent in attending classes regularly? "I made a commitment to myself to consistently go to classes. To me, it's preventive medicine. Working in the healthcare industry, I see first-hand how precious our health is. Going to classes on a regular basis has become routine for me, much like any other daily ritual. It also helps that I have fitness friends that I feel accountable to - if we say we're going to be at class at 5:30am, I'd hate to disappoint them!" 4. How did you make the 5:30 AM classes part of your weekly routine? "Getting up at 4:45am is not easy. The funny thing is, it's the days when I don't wake up that early that I'm actually more tired. If I can just make it out of bed at 4:45am, into my workout clothes, and down the stairs, I'm good to go. I have never regretted getting up for a class. I find the 5:30am classes energizing and so rewarding. When I pull out of the parking lot after a workout, I'm ready for a full day of work, kids, etc." 5. What goals did you set for yourself this Fall?Goals for 2016? "My goal this fall is so simple - make good decisions. This means I should make good decisions around exercising (exercising on more days of the week than not) and including a variety of workouts. I'm also trying to make smart choices around eating (eat real food) and listen to what makes my body feel the best (mostly vegetarian). I signed up for the unlimited class pack and wellness workshop because I knew both would help me make these good decisions. I love getting the most out of the unlimited classes. The Wellness Workshop has been fantastic. I enjoy the camaraderie with the other participants and Lisa is so helpful and realistic. Her tips and tricks have definitely helped me make better meal and snack time decisions. I haven't had time to think about 2016 goals yet, but I'm sure they'll include a well-balanced diet and exercise plan. Heather's Gym will definitely be part of it!" - Leigh Fogle