I had just retired and I was looking forward to an active life when hip pain sent me to my primary care doctor. I was diagnosed with arthritis and began a series of ultrasound guided cortisone injections to ease the pain. They would work for awhile but I kept finding myself back for another, knowing that they would be less effective after give injections. I felt I was repeating the legacy of my mother and would face hip replacement surgery sooner than later. Wanting to either delay,the need for surgery, or at the very least be in better physical condition if I had to have it,I began to work with Heidi. She devised a program that would increase flexibility and build muscle strength. These exercises I did at the gym each week could be easily replicated at home using a yoga ball,a few weights, and some resistance bands. I am coming up to a 1 year anniversary of practicing our regimen and can truly say I feel so much better. No longer am I sleeping with a pillow between my knees after taking 1 or 2 Advil. No more do I go to the doctor for cortisone injections. I am able to pursue my favorite seasonal activity... gardening. The arthritis is still there but my physical condition has improved to the point that I don't foresee any replacement surgery in the near future.