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43 lbs. of Fat Gone!Never stop to BELIEVE in YOU

Submitted by: Daniel Yakupka

Catherine's Success Story

People are definitely starting to notice. Noticing my change, my shape, and my passion. They ask what I am doing, I say working hard and I got a trainer to get me going - if you are ready to do the work – IT WORKS! I was not interested in the local diet place in the strip mall and no thanks if I want to follow the food pyramid I can find that on the back of a box of cheerios. I wanted cutting edge training.

When I first contacted Daniel he was excited yet warned me at the same time that training takes commitment (yes that scared me because after putting on a bunch of weight I am thinking... well obviously I don't have that!). And I am a former trainer (back in the day!) and a life coach – so I believed I could do this alone... but we need support in our lives so I got it. When I decided to go for it, I told him I would become his ‘poster child' for training with Fit 4 Life Fitness & Performance. I am 15 weeks into my transformation ~ and I am loving all the power and strength I have.

Week 15 stats:
I have lost 43 pounds of fat – I know this is fat because I see muscle and definition and check out the inches!!!

* 8 inches off my bust
* 8 inches of my waist
* 9 inches off my hips
* 3 inches off my arms
* 5 inches off each thigh

33 inches total and if I count the other arm and other leg that is 41 inches! Wow...

My daughter is 41 inches tall and my son weighs 43 pounds - I've lost my son and my daughter!

What Daniel has given me that works:

Detailed nutrition plans to follow – I went hardcore on the nutrition in the beginning and it was wonderful to have a sense of control, since that first 40 days (where I gave up my wine! Yes I did!) I have been able to regulate my diet and still go out and have fun! And the weight continues to drop.

Kick butt workouts – I am back in the weight room – THE FREE WEIGHT ROOM! And I love it. Daniel has put together workouts for me now that challenge me every time and produced body shaping changes in the second week. I love that he integrates full body movements into the workouts. I am there meaning business!

The workout burns fat and builds muscle and I am not afraid of heavy weights – I out bench pressed a man the other night! I have even snuck in a few extra moves because I felt I could do it! And the cardio programs are quick and dirty! Or quick and sweaty – I love them – they are empowering and fun because I get it done and I get it done well. No more long drawn out sessions of cardio where you could read 10 magazines hoping the clock on the elliptical would go faster – whoohoo!

This was a risk to send pictures – But Daniel deserves to see the fire he helped light! The before picture – ACK! And during – Less ACK! But as a good friend reminded me it is and was the truth and that is ok! Stay tuned “..
I want to create your story NOW is your TIME.

Daniel Yakupka,C.P.T,I.P.T
Fit4Life Fitness &Performance


Catherine Before


Catherine After