My Move

Submitted by: Dana Esposito

Amanda's Success Story

Moving to Baltimore from Boston was a hard transition for me.  I had a hard time adjusting and in the beginning I was depressed, lost the motivation to work out and gained a lot of weight.  When I met Dana I instantly felt hopeful that with her help, expertise and support I would be able to move past this tough time in my life and make serious life changes.   Before I knew it Dana had me excited about exercising again and every day I started to believe more and more in myself.   Today I look a lot better on the outside but more importantly I am that much stronger on the inside.   I have never met someone so dedicated to and enthusiastic about their profession. Dana is more then a trainer, she deeply cares about her clients and will do anything to see them succeed.  Anyone who is fortunate enough to work with her will instantly see what I'm talking about. To be a member of her team is an honor and with her support I feel like I can accomplish anything life throws my way.