Over a year ago I was stuck in a plateau with trying to lose weight. I was training for a 10k and running 2 -3 miles every morning and the weight was just not coming off. It was suggested I try out this Intense Interval Class called I.I.T. I tried it and fell in love. Erica encouraged and motivated me. I was addicted. About 2 months later I broke my toe. I stopped going to class and as the healing time passed I became less enthused. I gained some weight back and after 4 months of totally avoiding the gym and Erica, out of shame I came back on a Sunday morning where I thought I would avoid running into her. To my astonishment she had begun a Sunday morning class and I got caught red handed. She approached and asked what had happened to me.  She remembered my name! I was embarrassed at my regression. She said why don’t you come back to class; I responded that I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up. That was absolutely absurd to her. That next day was October 31, 2011. I remember this day vividly, not only because it was Halloween and ironically her birthday, but it was the first day of my “lifestyle change”. From that day on I made a commitment to myself to actually be consistent in working out and watching what I eat. Erica has been a major promoter in helping me with this change, although she says it is all me! Her classes are group classes, but you feel as if you are an individual with the way she runs around and individually encourages you and make sure you have the proper form. Proper form before speed or weight she says! She will give you different modifications if you need more or if you don’t think you can do it. She encourages that you at least try the move before saying that you cannot do it, or if you have an injury because you may be prone to hurting yourself like me.  She knows your strengths and weaknesses. She pushes you when you need it and tells you to slow down when you go overboard. She genuinely cares. She takes time after class to speak personally to us when needed. She motivates and encourages us outside of her class activities, like 10ks, mud runs, half and full marathons with “You can do it!” and “Congratulations!” texts and shout outs. Here it is a year later. I am 35 pounds lighter, toner, and so much happier physically and mentally! I am not done with achieving my goals and this is just the beginning for me and having Erica by my side. I have stayed consistent and focused through a year’s worth of obstacles and setbacks.   Christina