"My figure bodybuilder story"

Submitted by: Kim Maloy

Jenn's Success Story

My Figure Bodybuilder Story:

I am a person that loves a challenge. I have always been involved in some kind of physical exercise. It started when I was in 9th grade running track and participating on the high school swim team. In the 1970’s there weren’t a lot of opportunities in school for girls to participate in sports. I remember all the girls on the track team had shirts with little pretty girls on it. I picked the shirt with the big muscular man on it. I remember doing a research report on the Olympic weight lifter, Vasily Alekseyev. He was someone I really respected. I remember going to the local YMCA and my dad having me bench press 100 lbs, which was my weight. He was so proud! I was destined to be a bodybuilder.

As I got older, and had children, I was always looking for a way to keep my body in shape. Running was easy for me, and I could fit a 3 mile run in during my lunch break or at home while my son watched his Power Ranger show. For fun, I would compete in local 5Ks. When my husband and I moved to Indiana, I met a wonderful woman named Shelly that introduced me to marathon training. We loved training together. We also did a 100 mile bike ride. Overall, I thought I was doing a pretty good job keeping my weight in check, but always was hoping to be a little stronger, a little faster.

I joined Anytime Fitness and met Kim Maloy. She had recently competed in a Figure Bodybuilding competition and she looked great! She was not only lean, but muscular! That was the body I was looking for. I told her that was my goal, but I knew it would take a lot of work. I was already training for a triathlon with my husband in Michigan so I decided to put my bodybuilding training on hold for awhile. When my daughter graduated high school, and my son had graduated from Purdue, I knew, with an empty house, it was time to focus on me.

Kim gave me a great plan to follow. It was a lot of work. I trained in the mornings and the evenings. I ran with my partner, Alfred (the dog). I looked at my food intake and followed a bodybuilders diet as strictly as I could. I did develop an abdominal hernia and felt I was really in jeopardy of missing my goal. With the help of Kim, I was able to continue training and eventually heal the hernia without surgery. The last 5 weeks were grueling, but it was fascinating to see my body change. I placed 5th in the Cincinnati Monster Mash in the Novice Division. What an accomplishment!

I enjoyed the training and competition so much, I am training to compete again in the Spring of 2015. One of the great benefits, is that I can lift heavy bags of dog food for my golden retriever with no problems. Water softener salts are easy to throw into my cart. When a person at Margaret Mary Cancer Center, where I work as an Oncology Nurse, needs help stepping onto the scale or getting out of a wheelchair and into a car, I have the strength to help without risking injury. Bodybuilding is a sport that will change your life. Not only will your body become strong, you will understand the relationship between food and the body and how to live a healthy life.


Jenn Before


Jenn After