Submitted by: Janis Saffell

Luke's Success Story

Wow, you are truly an inspiration as a fitness role model.

Here is my success over the past 10 months: While I was already "fit" I wanted to get into better aerobic condition for tennis. I began immediately after Thanksgiving (I love turkey!) at a peak weight of 220 pounds, 6' 1", bodyfat @ 16.7%. I dropped my weight to 190 (been here for 3 months); bodyfat of 11.8%. Incredible shape for me (best in 15 years) at 46 years old. I finished in the finals of a USTA open event (despite my "age") and lost to an up and coming teenager (that didn't hurt my feelings!) Feeling great and so much better in my joints. I really focused more on cardio, kept my weight workouts basically the same (chest, back/shoulders, arms, legs on a rotation of once per week, one bodypart(s) per workout) with 45 intense minutes of cardio.

I used two of your tapes for inspiration (looking at someone that looks as good as you do helps!) and especially, stretching. I was really "bad" in my efforts to stretch and you provided the focus to get that part of my workout in place. My abs are back to a six pack @ 190 lbs and I'm feeling great!

Thanks again for the great inspiration! - Luke