Client: Michael

So I had a young man come to me that was 280 lbs, way over weight and worried that he was heading toward the same fate his father had when he had a heart attack at the age of 40! Now Michael and I met and we discussed a plan of attack. Michael hired me and did EVERYTHING I asked of him. He truly wanted success and did everything in his power to achieve it! Before getting too involved, Michael went to his doctor, got a physical and told him he had hired a personal trainer. The Doctor apparently asked him what his trainer had him doing? Michael told his doctor that he was doing cardio but also doing a lot of strength training! Now the doctor told him all he needed was cardio and that strength training would only make him bulky! When Michael talked to me about this I simply asked a question! Michael, when you go to the gym, who looks the best? The people that train doing cardio only or those that do cardio AND strength training? After consideration, Michael stated that the ones that look best are usually lifting weights! So, Michael agreed to stick it out. Withing a 2 months, Michael had lost over 20 pounds and got checked by the same doc. Results? He was taken off of a blood pressure med! The doctor stuck to his guns, but told Michael to keep doing what he was doing! Three or four months later Michael was down another 30 pounds!!! It was THEN that the doctor actually acknowledged that what he was doing WAS effective!!! People, do not fear strength training! It HELPS give you great results. The issue is including EVERYTHING necessary to show improvement. A healthy diet, strength training, cardio and proper rest! There are no shortcuts, but a sound program DOES yield results! Stay on track and get healthy! Scott