MFS gave me the "I can do it" attitude!

Submitted by: Trent Mitchell

Jenny Teer, Firefighter's Success Story

I came to Mitchell Fitness Systems, Inc. with the chief goal to increase muscle and strength in order to be ready for the fire academy. Thanks to Trent I have accomplished this goal as well as knowledge and skill so that I can continue to achieve this goal. I would have to say though that the most important thing I received from Mitchell Fitness Systems, Inc. is an “I can do it” attitude. Trent helped me realize how important it is to think and speak positive and how powerful those two things are.

Trent truly knows how to encourage and how to meet you where you are and then taking you to where you want to be. He definitely knows what he’s talking about and he really takes the time to explain what he’s teaching. I felt safe working with Trent and really trusted his advice and counsel. He not only works on your physical or outer self, but he takes the time to work on your inner self, which is really important. I would recommend Trent to anyone looking for a personal trainer and if you want a coach, you can’t do better! No doubt about it.