Melissa's Story--An Inspiration to all Moms


I met Melissa, a beautiful mother of two young children, during a presentation and workout I gave to the local Solon Early Childhood PTA. She hired me for a few personal training and health coaching sessions, and also participated in the Fall Fitness and Lifestyle Challenge. During the full course of about 10 weeks, Melissa's dedication to her health really paid off. She lost 17 pounds, 4 inches off her waist, 5 inches off her hips, and reduced her body fat by 5%. In addition, her BMI fell into the healthy range. Melissa is an inspiration to all new moms by taking the time to improve her health--and she now has more energy for her kids. She is an inspiration to other busy moms because she did it all while juggling the crazy schedule of a mom with two young children (one just an infant!). It was a complete pleasure to work with Melissa, and she is just radiant, energetic, and completely glowing with confidence. A true inspiration! Here's what she had to say: "I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity! I am moving everyday and making healthier food choices. I've lost weight, feel stronger and so much more! This experience has been what I needed to change my lifestyle!.... Thank you again for everything...I can't believe the changes!" --Melissa Buettin