Thank you so much for all the “useless Information” you shared with us. LOL I want to share something personal with you. You asked the question what did we get out of the class..... What new exercise did we find new and challenging? I am sure I answered the question in class, but what I really want to say is Thank You. I learned more from your class than I did in any of the other three classes I have taken at TRX. What this really means is that I learned not just what is written in a book and how to execute the perfect “mid range standing forward facing row hinge or plank”. I experienced what it means to be me and who I am. About three months ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I didn’t want to travel to San Francisco this past weekend as I was sinking more and more into depression. After spending the day with you Sunday and hearing you provide us with such “useless information”, you reopened a spot in my heart and soul. You reminded me of who I am where I’ve been but more importantly where I want to go. I took away more than you can possibly imagine. I am by no means a very religious person but I am a true believer that people come into your life at any given moment for a reason. One may not understand and appreciate why at the time, and sometimes you know exactly why they have been sent to you. With you, I know exactly why and it began with a yellow and black suspension strap that led to a better understanding and continued determination. Thank you for being you Coach