Lucky Lady

Client: Marla

I didn't want to have heart disease but, there I was at 59 with a triple bypass and the scar to prove it. I didn't want to exercise either, but, I also didn't have much choice according to my doctor. So, I figured that if I had to exercise my heart, I might as well find a wonderful place to do it where I was safe, cared for and surrounded by wonderful, lively people to help make the time go quickly. Luckily for me I did find such a place, Keep the Beat Wellness of Northbrook. Three days a week I look forward to being part of a larger group of people, some like me, some not, but all of whom have one goal, to stay fit. Stuart Thilmany, owner, operator and rehab trainer is there for us 100%. If it were not for him, I'm not sure I would be as good as I am right now. The center is spotless and that is a big issue for anyone using a fitness place these days. I would recommend this for anyone who values good health and needs that little extra support. This place works great for me and I hope others will try it for themselves. Sincerely, Marla