Liz is strong and fit at 71!

Submitted by: Sue D'Alonzo

Liz's Success Story

Liz began training with me when she was 59. We have been training twice a week ever since then, her fitness level reflects this. When Liz began training she had frozen shoulder and was going through a rough time in her life. She is a very driven, motivated woman and was determined to get stronger. In the years I have been training Liz I have seen her join a ballet class, a writing class,travel, and today is the President of the Friends of the Library. Her fitness level really comes to the forefront when she has to carry heavy boxes of books in and out of the library. She is totally independent, her stamina is amazing, and her ability to navigate her way through situations that require strength are admirable.
These aren't before and after, they are now pictures. Liz uses 12 pound weights for her bicep curls and up to 17 pounds for her chest presses. She is flexible and has great balance and stamina.
As you can see from the photos, I don't need a big space to train!


Liz Before


Liz After