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Peggy's Success Story

A testimonial from Peggy Travis
I have been privileged to work with Doug Kenworthy 17 years as my personal trainer. First of all let me say working with a trainer 25
younger is a challenge. Doug's style of training is not related to age -- only to your ability. His expectation is over and above the average, and that it's up to me to achieve. One of the unique features of Doug's training is every workout is different. If you work out three days a week, you will have three totally different programs with 30 minutes of cardio plus 45 to 60 minutes strength, balance and core training.
Balance training is a major and important facet of this program which is extremely important as we age. Regardless of your age or received ability Doug has the program for you. He is extremely qualified and continues to introduce new techniques. Doug provides highly successful recommendations for injuries or physical needs.
At age 74, I do not take any prescribed medications, which I attribute to an excellent fitness program. Again regardless of your age and
received ability Doug has your interest at heart the program for you.
Peggy Travis
Connor North Carolina