Life is short.Live everyday.

Submitted by: Daniel Yakupka

Arthur McWilliams's Success Story

Exercising DURING chemotherapy and multiple sclerosis.

Thats right. How could feeding your body oxygenated blood not help?Motion = Life
Exercise helps crush many different challenges - physically AND mentally.
The formula and recipe for athletic movement oriented exercise that overloads both the body's software and hard drive, makes all the human systems communicate and unifies the body. It has shown tremendous efficacy with many special populations due to the neural adaptations,

I also believe in the powerful immune boosting effect of positive energy and the fuel that gives clients during their toughest days. I am especially honored then, to share the story of Arthur Mc Williams, a liked and loved long term client committed to 3 times per week workouts.
He has multiple sclerosis and is battling liver cancer for third time,64 years old,ex military personal.
His path facing the
fear of cancer on with progressive workouts, the scope and intensity of his challenge, owning his health and recovery, and his bright light came together in an experience only he can tell. Read on to help spread the word, to those you touch, and to remind your own mind, What IS truly Possible.
Arthur McWilliams

In addition to being essential to general health and well-being, exercise is helpful in managing many MS symptoms. A study published by researchers at the University of Utah in 1996 was the first to demonstrate clearly the benefits of exercise for people with MS. Those patients who participated in an aerobic exercise program had better cardiovascular fitness, improved strength, better bladder and bowel function, less fatigue and depression, a more positive attitude, and increased participation in social activities. Since 1996, several additional studies have confirmed the benefits of exercise.

Inactivity in people with or without MS can result in numerous risk factors associated with coronary heart disease. In addition, it can lead to weakness of muscles, decreased bone density with an increased risk of fracture, and shallow, inefficient breathing.

Exercise is important for good health. I have always known this. But I did not know until I was diagnosed with liver cancer that exercise is an excellent adjunct therapy during chemotherapy for cancer patients. Exercising during chemotherapy? This blew my mind. Prior to my own diagnosis, I had thought one recoiled to the underside of the duvet to wait out the various side effects – fatigue, nausea, pain and neuropathy – of chemotherapy.

Each session during my chemotherapy, Daniel greeted me with their optimism, energy and humorous chatter on everything and anything but nothing cancer related – a good, and most appreciated, distraction from my numerous clinical appointments and tests. A positive and encouraging environment does help.

Chemotherapy can leave you feeling tired, cognitively impaired, nauseous and in pain. Chemotherapy definitely weakens your immune system putting you at greater risk of infection which will hospitalize you and interrupt and delay your chemotherapy schedule – a psychological and a medical set back.

I did experience the fatigue, cognitive impairment and pain. And I found with all three, exercise was an excellent adjunct therapy. Daniel created a program for me during my chemotherapy. It was a god send. The exercise gave me energy and cleared my thinking when I felt groggy and out of it. What amazed me was how fast the pain would disappear with exercise. Following my chemotherapy regimen, every bone in my body ached. It was the worst pain I had ever experience in my life.I couldn’t fathom the idea of walking let along working out. I follow Daniel's advice to get active on my worst days and I though about Daniel optimism and belief in pushing on and so I showed up at the training session. I told Daniel I may not be able to finish the workout because I was not feeling well. Daniel flashed me a smile and enthusiastically said “let’s see what we can do.” Within ten minutes of the workout, the pain was entirely gone. The worst pain I had ever experience was not only gone but I felt energetic and healthy.

I am proud to say Arthur is my friend,client and foremost my hero,a true warrior fighting the most important battle:LIFE.

Every single session he give me everything he has,what he keep inside he will lose forever.

"Peter Twist"

Life is short.Live everyday

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Arthur McWilliams Before


Arthur McWilliams After