Julie's Success

Submitted by: Naoto Kawaguchi

Julie's Success Story

I have had many trainers over the years, but none as talented as Naoto! Since losing my leg in 2001, I have tried to stay active and fit since this helps me use both my prosthetic leg and crutches more easily. I have become involved in many adaptive sports - from three-track skiing to recumbent biking to wheelchair basketball and more recently, surfing! Yes, that's right - surfing! (www.ampsurf.org) When I told Naoto I needed to be conditioned for these sports activities, he has always found ways to adapt around my disability and make me stronger for the sport. I went from scoring one shot per basketball game to five, went from falling off my surf board to standing up and staying up... on one leg! Now we are working on my upcoming ski trips at the National Sports Center for Disabled in Winterpark, Co. Naoto has me working out on the elliptical machine to condition my leg for those slopes! I didn't think I could do it, but he said "try it" and I was able to! He believes in me and encourages me to try new things and that means the world to me!


Julie Before


Julie After