Jackie came to me after struggling to lose weight and find a connection with her body. We worked together until she moved out of the city for 10 months, utilising bodyweight exercise, Pilates, and a growing love of walking into the mix. A regular workout session built up to include a light, 30 minute workout, followed by a mile walk to and from the Farmer's Market. (Always returning with a healthy load of groceries!) Jackie blossomed- becoming more confident and strong in all ways. She found a positive exercise routine, resumed the flow-arts activities she'd formerly enjoyed, and felt more confident about the interactions she had with other people. As she writes, "I've lost over 45lbs! I am an entire BMI category lower than when we started. I can no longer shop in plus-size stores; their clothes are too big! In fact, I've had to replace most of my wardrobe. :) The best part is how much healthier I am overall. Everyone has commented: not just in how much weight has been lost, but on how I carry myself taller & with more confidence. It is literally like someone took a huge weight off my shoulders."