I've gone from lunging 0 to 150 pounds training with Naoto K.

Submitted by: Naoto Kawaguchi

Don's Success Story

My name is Don S. and I’ve been training with Naoto for over 2 years. In the past, like with many people, my workouts tended to focus more on the upper body. In time, this left me with weak legs and an unsteady balance. Naoto started me lunging with no bar, except for the railing I was holding on to, to keep from falling over. I was eventually able to stay upright on my own, which led to lunging with a 45-pound bar (no weights attached). I can now safely lunge with 150 pounds on my shoulders, almost the weight of a full-grown adult

From this training, I experienced a wonderful side effect that I hadn’t counted on. When traveling, I used to finish a day of sightseeing with tired and sore legs, which felt worse by the next day. Things have changed. I can now walk all day long and feel great the next day, ready for another marathon of urban adventures.

In addition to my legs, the rest of my musculature has grown in size and strength, and my posture has noticeably improved. Naoto’s training style is very effective, and he is always eager to offer good nutritional advice.


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