Injury will not keep us down!

Client: Dani Miro Quesda

Thomas is an excellent trainer and it was very evident from the get go that he is very passionate about what he does. I had initially contacted Thomas concerning my chronic knee problems and my desire to go back to high intensity, aggressive activities after my latest ACL reconstruction. From the moment I first contacted him, he showed he was very professional, open, compassionate and experienced. He is very good at encouraging, pushing and progressively challenging when needed in a careful, safe way but will also advise to back off and be patient when I’m not quite ready to safely do something while encouraging that I will eventually be able to do that activity when my body is ready. Thomas is very thorough he is consistently assessing and guiding progress as well as form from all angles during training sessions. He will make sure you understand how to and are fully capable of correctly performing an exercise unassisted, on your own before assigning it. He will check up on me if I don’t inform him how my body is doing after a newly intense training session also if I get very sore or if a body part gets injured or decides to act up and keep tabs on the progress. I was very impressed during some of our first interactions, how thorough he was in trying to gather as much background information and history as possible concerning the issues I had sought him for. This included past physical therapy visits, evaluations and exercises and relevant medical records. He tries to make himself available and is very willing to work with you and your schedule. He is very accessible and doesn’t mind when I would go to him outside of appointment time and will try to give the time necessary to help you with what you need and never makes you feel rushed or like you are bugging him. The same goes for texting; he would thoroughly and quickly answer his texts Thomas is a very good an knowledgeable resource, I often use him as a resource to check if my body is ready to safely do or start easing into an activity I want to do (like running or grappling) or if I need to be patient and wait a little longer and if I have questions about training, exercises, fitness, nutrition, etc.. He is open to questions at any time and will thoroughly explain his answers to make sure you understand It is quite evident that Thomas is the most interested in helping you to have a healthy body and to reach your fitness goals. He tries to make training as affordable as possible he would inform me of gym training package deals when they occur and tries to find ways to make the training package as affordable as possible. He often tries to work with you and your schedule and will move things around if need be to find a training schedule that works. His approach to training is very holistic and, although we focus on the knees as the main issue, he also helps to fix other imbalances or deficiencies that he or I might find through training. He also works to just to improve the whole body as a whole. He also advises on other elements that affect the body including on diet and nutrition to help make sure the body is getting the right amount and type of nutrients and energy it needs for it to be able to do what it needs to and give you the results you want. In the 6 months or so that I have actively trained with Thomas, I and several people around me have seen great improvement and positive changes. His he is very straight forward in a kind way and his training sessions are always very positive, challenging and fun.