Submitted by: Shane McLean

Mark's Success Story

just wanted to write a quick note and say “thanks” for your inspiring workouts.

One of my primary goals in doing one-on-one training was to improve my core conditioning and flexibility. As you know, when we started training together, I wanted to improve my golf game. I am primarily a weekend golfer but trying to stay competitive. It has taken me all of about 7 weeks of training and I am seriously seeing my scores improve. I have gone from a 10 handicap to a “7”. I am not playing any more than usual so the only thing I can contribute it to is my training. Probably what I like best is the unusual routines that you come up with. I really look forward to our early Wednesday morning sessions.

I would highly recommend the one-on-one training for anybody sitting on the fence about their overall conditioning. I know that as I get older, I am much more concerned with my flexibility than I am with how much weight can I pump.