IDEA Biscontini Scholarship Winner responds

Submitted by: Lawrence Biscontini

Doreen's Success Story

Lawrence Biscontini has influenced my entire life with his positive energy and mentoring. I can always turn to him when I have a problem in my personal or professional life, and he helps me realize that "cream rises". (Love that book.) As winner of the 2007 Biscontinni Scholarship, I was infused with new ideas and the latest trends in fitness from the classes that I attendedI at the 25th anniversay celebration of IDEA in San Diego, which I brought back home to "wow" my clients and group exercise participants. Lawrence encouraged me to take a computer class at the community college, when I was computer illiterate. He helped me regain my confidence to teach again after spending four months on a walker after an auto accident. Lawrence is generous with his time and sharing his talents and treasures. Who else provides FREE choreography on their website? Lawrence is an example of what our profession is all about--knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, and motivating. I love him!